where the rubber meets the road…

Ok, time to really get cracking here people. I’m on break from my fulltime job all this week. I still have some responsibilities with other classes, but I have some definite free time to get more work done on Project Simplify! As part of my long term plan, I took on extra work on top of my current full time position. This may seem the opposite of where I said I’m heading, but it’s all for a purpose, trust me. The downside of this however, is that it totally cuts into what little free time I had, and means I am worn out like a wet noodle by the time the week is finished, with little energy for large decluttering projects. I made the decision, like the suggestion in Becoming Minimalist, to just start with small, easy little projects, and do one a weekend, wether it’s just a drawer or a night stand… that way I’d keep moving forward. It’s great advice, about a good way to keep moving forward and get in a groove before trying to take on the hairy stuff. I’ve managed that so far with at least partial success, but now we are at the break, and I can really put some time into this, so for accountability’s sake, here’s what I’m planning to accomplish…

  1. Finish building my budget
  2. Complete the minimizing organizing of the back patio storage closet
  3. Tackle… my bed and bathroom (yikes)
  4. Papers in my office desk
  5. Complete going the rest of my boxes and boxes of books and donate a bunch to the library

I’m going to stop there. It would be easy to list more, but it is only a week and I am working on other things during it. If I get those done and still have time, I’ll do more. I have not been taking before pics and I feel I should start that, so I’ll try to do it with these projects. My bedroom alone scares me, I have enough clothes for 3 people and most of it’s piled in untidy piles around the room on the dresser, the dog crate etc… Tell me, does anyone else use the piles of clothes in various degrees of clean system? Where there’s the “right out of the dryer pile”, usually still in the basket, the “only worn once for a short while so can probably wear one more time” pile that is usually artfully strewn around over cabinets and such to keep them from being too wrinkled, the “worn a couple times already but don’t smell and I could dog around the house in them” pile, the “yeah, I really need to wash those pile” and of course the “I dunno if these are clean or not but the dog’s been sleeping on them so they are covered with fur and smell like pug anyway” pile? Hope it’s not just me…

So that’s the game plan. A lot was done in the “office” but there’s still a lot to do. The kitchen is pretty much done, barring a couple items I want to sell. I do call it “Phase 1” though, as I know I will likely be going back to every part of the house after I am “done” and doing a second and possibly a 3rd sweep over the next year or 2. I can already tell becoming more minimalist is something I am going to have to do in stages. I got rid of a LOT when I moved, and now more… but I think I will be stepping down in stages, kind of like easing into the cold water in the pool.

Ok so that’s my accountability post! Time to get cracking! I’ll post here about what I accomplished.

storage closet picture

This is actually partly done, believe it or not it was in worse shape than this.


4 thoughts on “where the rubber meets the road…

  1. Thanks Alison! Honestly, your and Matt’s apartment was one of the places that inspired me. I’m feeling better the more I accomplish. I think over the next year or so I’ll run through several cycles of reducing as I adapt to the new way of living and see the rewards more and more!

  2. you are my hero. I have been trying to slim down closets and turn my clutter into profit by having garage sales and giving things away. No more “I think I can reuse that, so I’ll hang on to it.” What a mess that became. So, if I can reuse it, recycle it or give it away, out it goes. It’s really hard, especially when it comes to Billy’s baby toys and clothes. I just want to hang on to those and can’t seem to let them go. Little steps, right? You are my inspiration! keep up the blog so I can continue to follow in your footsteps! You go girl!

  3. I imagine it’s 10 times harder with a kid, so kudos to you Mama!! Glad I’m inspiring you, every time I am running around, looking for something I can’t find (which is DAILY) I think how glad I am that I made the decision to finally do this! And yes, little steps! Like I said, kind of doing this in “phases.” The move from the big house was phase 1, this is phase 2, I’m sure there will be at least a couple more, I already find myself looking at something in the kitchen for instance, and deciding I really don’t need it and putting it in the donate box, and the kitchen is supposedly “done.” So I’m sure this will be a continuing process. The “1 thing in, 2 things out” idea might help you with Billy’s stuff, like anything you buy for him, find 2 things of his that are old to donate/sell. Thanks for the encouragement Mama Bev, love ya! :-*

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