In the beginning…

Picture of Kerstin

The slob.

I’ve never been a neat person. You might call me cluttered, or lazy, maybe a slob. I’d like to think I rarely got that bad, but then I’d look at my bathroom or kitchen sink and have to reassess. I have always fought chronic anxieties of which I felt my cluttered environment was both an outside stimulus for and reflection of. I never liked cleaning and easily would feel overwhelmed. I got good at keeping “public spaces” in my house presentable, while clothes and clutter swamped my bedroom, home office and car. I’m a “stuff it in a drawer/closet/under the bed and forget it” person. Added to this physical mess was a lot of internal mess, working around the anxieties and addictive thinking I have dealt with since I was a kid. I first discovered Buddhism, then the joy of bike riding, and they offered me a huge amount of comfort and balance when I meditated and rode regularly. I still was struggling, seemed for every step or two forward, there’d be one back. Then I stumbled on some books and blogs on minimalism, and shortly before my 43rd birthday, I realized I had been moving towards a more fundamental change in how I lived my life.

This blog is here mainly for me, a public accounting and accountability to moving forward with a plan to utilize the lessons of Buddhism, Minimalism and the beauty of time spent on what really matters. I hope along the way it may inspire or amuse a few folks, but this is really about me, walking this path.

~ Respectfully Submitted, K