These are some of the blogs/sites/podcasts that have inspired me or that I am now reading regularly. Many of them also have books that I have gotten on my Kindle App…


My minimalist Pintrest board – A place I’ve pinned a few items that have inspired me, hope to keep adding to this.

Becoming Minimalist – One of my favorites. He approaches this from a very balanced view, IMO.

Miss Minimalist – She is a bit hard core, but very practical advice and shares profiles of more “every day” people who are into minimalism.

Minimal Mac – Mac computers meet minimalism, yes please! This is my project once the house is done!

mnmlst – if you are familiar with the Zen Habits blog of Leo Babauta, this is his blog on Minimalism.

A minimalist lifestyle does NOT make you a better person – and to throw a little balance and reminder out to myself and others, this is going to help me, but it’s no magic pill and is only part of a bigger set of choices/plans.



Against The Stream – My go to online sangha, I listen to their podcasts regularly

The Interdependence Project – I like Ethan and crew, go through times of listening to a lot of their podcasts

Urban Dharma – Where suffering is optional

Spirit Rock – Probably one of the best known retreat centers in the USA